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Sports Towels

Sports Cooling Towels

PVA Chamois

1. PVA Chamois is a synthetic cloth essentially composed of Polyvinyl alcohol with reinforced mesh, which keeps the towel incredibly durable. 

2. It can absorb over 5 times its dry weight in water without dripping.

3. Cooling towel can provide hours of coolness and comfort. It is ideal for swimming and all other ourdoor activities.

Product: C16-1011

Component: PVA
Size L : 68cm x 43cm x 0.16cm
Color : Yellow,Green,Light Blue, Blue, Pink
Packing: 1 PC/Polybag, 120 PCS/Carton/3.1cu.ft.
1PC/transparent tube, 100 pcs/carton/4.3cu.ft 

Product: C16-1010

Product: C16-1012

Component: PVA 
Size: 43cm x 32cm x 0.16CM 
Color : Yellow,Green, Blue, Light Blue, Pink 
Packing:1Pc/Polybag 240Pcs/Carton/2.5cu.ft. 
1pc/transparent tube, 100 pcs/carton/2.6cu.ft. 

Product: C16-1013

Component : PVA
Size : 43 cm x 32cm
Color : Available in Yellow, L.Blue, D.Blue, Purple, Pink, Peach, Green, Mint 

Product: C16-1014

Component: PVA 
Size: 43cm x 32cm x 0.16CM 
Color : Yellow, Blue, Light Blue, Purple 
Packing:1Pc/Polybag 200Pcs/Carton/2.68cu.ft. 
1pc/transparent tube, 100 pcs/carton/2.6cu.ft. 

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