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Functional, waterproof and versatile

Laminated fabrics is a two (or more) layer construction with a polymer film bonded to a fabric. They are versatile to create diaper bags, tablecloths, placemats, rain coats, changing pads, and more.



Raschel Lace

Delicate and classic

The non-stretch lace fabric appropriate for lingerie, overlays on skirts or dresses, feminine apparel accents, and wraps or shrugs.


Thick, soft nap that shows luxurious

Velour is a knit, which changes the properties of the fabric rather dramatically and makes it highly stretchy.

There are many uses for this fabric, includingupholstery, clothing, cloth diapers and pillowcases.


Shiny clothing in bold, vibrant colors​

The imitation leather was lighter than real leather, easy to clean, and resisted fading.

Popular items made from PVC leather include shirts, skirts, pants, handbags, and shoes.


Computer Jacquard

Jacquard weaving allows virtually any loom to systematically raise independent warp threads to create a textured pattern.

A lot of matrials and patterns could be selected or customized.


Luxurious, soft and warm

Furs are apparently very elegant and classy and their designs can be applied anyplace and all over.

Shearling is used for boots, jackets and coats and is probably the most common type of skin worn.

Micro Fleece

Soft, napped, lighter and washable

Microfleece is water-repellent, quick to dry, warm and remains breathable.

Its hydrophobic properties make it good for jackets, hats, sweat pants, blankets, and active wear. 


Single Jersey

Warm, flexible, stretchy, insulating​

Can be a very stretchy single knitting, with one flat side and one piled side.

Light-weight, predominantly used for clothing manufacture, such as T-shirts and winter bedding.


New fashion fabrics

Many new patterns used for clothes, women underwears and bags.

The patterns and colors could be selected or offered by customers.


Colorful, beuatiful and various

Textured crochet is one of the stitches in a row ends up leaning over a couple of other stitches to give it a cross stitch appearance. The way could create beautiful stitches.


Cotton is a soft, fluffy staple fiber

Breathability, high absorption, comfort and durability. 

It is often used for garments needing both qualities such as pants or skirts, but tailors nicely for jackets as well.


Material with closely spaced holes

Mesh fabric is a light, soft, breathable, soft to the touch stretchy, comfortable and breathable.

Frequently used in sportswear, mesh tops, tanks, laundry bags.


Shrink resistance and smooth

The yarn in knitted fabric follows a meandering path, forming symmetric loops symmetrically above and below the mean path of the yarn.

Inner wear, apparel, PVC/PU backing and so on by its shrink resistance and smooth finish.

Woven Fabric


Woven Fabric.


Wool, Merino and Cashmere


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